Alta Associate Supervisor Application

The Teton Conservation District is currently looking for an Associate Member Representative from Alta, WY. 

The Teton Conservation is one of 34 Conservation Districts in Wyoming,  and is governed by a five Member, locally-elected, Supervisory Board, which generally features two to three  non-voting Associate Members that provide input on issues.  TCD carries out local conservation projects within our District’s boundaries which includes Teton Count, WY, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. 

This is a volunteer board, and the position is not compensated, other than for mileage and out-of-town meeting expenses.  The Board generally meets the third Wednesday of every month at 1PM. During these meetings, the Board discusses new, ongoing and potential projects . While elected Board Members serve four-year terms, Associate Members don’t have set terms. 

To apply to the Alta Associate Supervisor Position, fill out the Application Form and return it to

Serving as an Associate Member provides great exposure to the experience of serving on the TCD Board of Supervisors.  Moreover, there will be three Rural Member and one At-Large voting seats on the Supervisory Board up for election.  The three Rural Members must live outside of the incorporated Town of Jackson, and the one At-Large Member can live anywhere within the District.  To learn more, please call TCD Executive Director, Tom Segerstrom at 307-733-2110 or email him at