Native Plants 

Teton County is home to over 260 native plant species. From providing habitat as nesting space to acting as food sources and cover, native plants are an integral part of overall health of the ecosystem. TCD seeks to encourage the use of native species by private landowners in their landscaping and land management planning. Learn more about the benefits of integrating native plants into your landscaping, and how to design and execute a native landscape here.


native plant species programs

In Teton County, great import is placed on the use of native plants for the reclamation of disturbed land. Native plants are required to be used for reclamation purposes by the Teton County. To help Teton County residents determine which plants are native, Teton Conservation District (TCD) and area partners developed the Teton County  Native Plant Species List, which is enshrined in the Teton County Land Development Regulations (LDRs). The list is comprised entirely of native species that are available for purchase locally. TCD also compiled a complementary booklet, A Pocket Guide to the Native Plants of Teton County, WY. Over the next two years, TCD will be reviewing the Native Species List for the Teton Couny LDRs.


native species list

 TCD, together with Teton County, the Teton Science Schools  and over forty other agencies, created the "Teton County Native Plant Species List." The list includes two hundred and sixty-seven species, featuring 13 characteristics per species including: duration, life form, growth form, fire resistance, toxicity and soils. Also, species that are attractive to bears are specially marked with a bear icon to inform growers in Bear Conflict Priority Areas. Remember: a fed bear is a dead bear!

The information used to develop the list was compiled from other lists, books, websites and brochures, as well as from the Natural Resources Conservation Services Plants Database. As mentioned above, the County's LDRs currently require the use of native plants for reclamation purposes. The list provides consistency and clarity to landowners seeking compliance with county standards,and is a tool for landowners and managers. The list can be found here.

a pocket guide to the native plants of teton county, wy

The purpose of this Guide is to provide information about the native plant species of Teton County. TCD encourages the use of native plants in landscaping, so one of the goals of this guide is to supply information about how to integrate native plants into landscaping decisions. The species listed are all found in the Teton County Land Development Regulations Native Species Lists. Each listing includes six characteristics about the named species: growth form, fire resistance, toxicity, drought tolerance, moisture usage, and soil type. Every plant contained in the Guide is native to the United States, found in Teton County, and available for purchase locally. 

Non-native species are specifically excluded from this guide to prevent confusion about the two categories, and to promote the use, and understanding of the importance, of native species in Teton County.