Planning & Development

our ROle in Public planning

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Teton Conservation District is dedicated to contributing to the conversation surrounding growth and development in Teton County. As both a state and local government entity, we  engage in local planning and development in a few capacities.

As a local government entity, the District is eligible for cooperating agency status by the Council on Environmental Quality. All policy-level coordination is directed by our locally-elected Board of Supervisors. Teton Conservation District exercises cooperating agency status as appropriate in coordination with federal and state land management agencies. We participated as a cooperating agency in the following projects: the Upper Snake River Wild and Scenic Plan and Environmental Impact Statement, the Bridger-Teton National Forest Teton to Snake Fuels Management Project, the Shoshone National Forest Forest Plan Revision, and the Wyoming Public Lands

Teton Conservation District cooperates with the Teton County Planning and Building Department by providing science-based recommendations to further describe and enhance the County’s Land Development Regulations. State statute also authorizes the District to provide technical assistance and cost share programs for the conservation of natural resources.


Planning & Development projects: