Links & Resources

Barnyards & backyards

Barnyards & Backyards is a quarterly magazine, produced by the University of Wyoming Extension, for small acreage landowners.  The content includes natural resource information such as landscaping, fencing, soils, energy, grazing, and composting. Hard copies of the magazine are also available for free at the Teton Conservation District office

Web soil survey

The Web Soil Survey (WSS), produced by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, provides soil data and information across Teton County. This tool provides access to the largest natural resource information system worldwide.  Uses include: siting buildings, typical plants, erosion, septic suitability, and more .  WSS is the single authoritative source of soil survey information. This tool replaces the Soil Survey hard copies, which are no longer in print.  


This handbook was developed by TCD with written contributions from numerous local agencies, organizations, and individuals. TCD received a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region VIII to develop and disseminate this handbook as part of a number of education and demonstration projects designed to protect natural resources.

University of Wyoming Extension, Teton County Office

The UW Extension office brings research-based information in agriculture and natural resources, consumer and family economics, community and economic development, and 4-H/ youth development to residents. UW Extension has helpful links on Livestock Production, Range Management, Crop Production, Wildfire, Current Conditions, and Drought.

NRCS- Understanding Soils Properties

This link provides information on estimating soil moisture, and utilizing soil appearance to identify soil types.

NRCS-Rangeland Literature Synthesis

This document assesses the effectiveness of seven NRCS recommended rangeland conservation practices: Prescribed Grazing, Prescribed Fire, Brush Management, Range Planting, Riparian Management Practices, Wildlife Management Practices, and Invasive Plant Management.

range monitoring resources

This link connects to the range monitoring and management resources collected by the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts.

Field Book for describing and sampling soils, v. 3.0

The Field Book summarizes the present science and art of describing and documenting soils and soilscapes in the USA. The intended audience is professionals who describe soils for various purposes. The Field Book includes key descriptors, conventions, and concepts from soil science and geomorphology to facilitate field observations and soil documentation. The Field Book also aids in understanding soil descriptions and data found in soil surveys, dissertations, research papers, and general soil publications.