Hoback Drinking Water Survey

About Drinking Water in Hoback

Many drinking water sources north of the Hoback River and Snake River confluence have been found to exceed the maximum allowable level of nitrate set by the EPA (see map). Consumption of water with a high concentration of nitrate has been associated with a condition known as methemoglobinemia (also called blue baby syndrome) in infants and small children. Recent research has also suggested a link between nitrate and certain types of cancer and birth defects. As a result, water systems with high nitrate concentrations require treatment before they can be safely used for drinking water.

About The Survey

The Hoback Drinking Water Steering Committee, comprised of Teton County Health Department, Teton County Public Works Department, and Teton Conservation District, is providing the following survey to property owners and renters in southern Teton County, WY. This survey has been distributed by mail to residents of Hoback Junction, Hog Island, Horse Creek Road, and Bryan Flats. The survey is open from August 20th to September 10th. It should take about five minutes to complete and may be completed by mail or online. Survey results may be shared with interested parties.

The survey marks the beginning of a stakeholder-led process to address drinking water issues in the Hoback Junction area. It will provide feedback on public interest in this issue, interest in potential participation in the stakeholder process, and will identify desired outcomes. While this survey will help us identify potential Stakeholder Group members, please bear in mind that stating interest in stakeholder participation on this survey does not guarantee a seat on the Hoback Drinking Water Stakeholder Group.

For further information or to provide direct feedback outside of this survey, please contact:

Carlin Girard

Water Resources Specialist/Associate Director, Teton Conservation District

307-733-2110 or carlin@tetonconservation.org